Egg-a-licious Supper!

This dinner is blog worthy. ūüėČ

Veggie Egg Bake/Frittata

I large zucchini grated.
I stem from a broccoli bunch, finely grated.
I onion, grated.
1 red pepper finely chopped
1/3 cup dried chives
1/2 tsp each oregano, basil, sage, thyme, garlic powder, pepper & salt
Saute the above ingredients untill tender.

Once sauted, remove from heat and stir in:
1 small diced tomato
1 shredded cooked sausage. I used a honey garlic sausage. (You could easily omit this to be vegetarian.)
1 cup finely chopped broccoli
Set aside this veggie mixture.

Dice up about 4-5 pieces of whole grain wheat bread and sprinkle in bottom of 9 * 13 pan.
Layer about 2 cups spinach leaves over top of the bread.
Carefully spread the sauted veggie mixture over the spinach and spread smooth.

In a bowl, combine:
7-8 eggs,
1/2 cup milk
a bit more garlic powder
1 cup shredded mexican cheese blend

Carefully and evenly pour the egg & cheese mix over top of veggies. Try to get the cheese evenly spread out. Bang the pan a bit to settle the eggs throughout the pan.
Bake covered loosely with foil at 375 for about 20 minutes.
Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes uncovered to finish setting.

I guess it’s sort of complicated, but holey mazzola is it ever tastey!!!

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The Buttless lamb.

Okay people.¬† I seriously have a problem.¬† My poor children suffer intolerably at the hands of their mother…

I simply cannot control my laughter when they say the wrong word, or say hilarious interpretations of their end of a deep, philosophical conversation.¬† I barrel over them with laughter.¬† They cry.¬† I cannot stop.¬† They beg me to stop laughing.¬† I cannot stop.¬† There is something wrong with my maternal instinct.¬† I just know there’s¬†a kink in the cable of my maternal instinct somewhere along the line.

Tonight on a drive home from the Pharmacy, we drove past our kids’ dentist office and Julia couldn’t remember his name.¬† I reminded her of his name, which she mentioned was an interesting last name,¬†so I mentioned it’s a Jewish name.¬†

She was very pleased to learn that he was Jewish, since she studies so much Old Testament history at her school and she loves that the Jewish people are God’s chosen ones.¬† We then¬†went on into a¬†conversation regarding the Jewish people’s and Christians interpretation of Jesus as the Messiah.¬† I mentioned¬†how some Jewish people believe Jesus is the Messiah, while others are still waiting for the Messiah to come.¬†¬† I went on a little tangent wondering out loud if Jewish people still sacrificed lambs and birds and what not, and Julia reminded me that they chose their best, the perfect sacrifices.¬† I agreed, and we both spoke about Jesus being the perfect, sinless sacrifice.¬† The lamb of God.

This is where I completely ruined the moment. 

Julia then said, “Yes,¬†a buttless lamb.”¬†

¬†Immediately I start picturing a lamb with no butt…¬†

Julia continues…”You know, a lamb who doesn’t butt the other lambs in the head.¬† A really good lamb.”

At this point, I was laughing so hard I should have pulled over the car.¬† She was crying, begging me to stop laughing.¬† She wasn’t buying my whole, “Oh Julia, it just makes me feel so happy, you are so witty and unpredictable and it makes me have so much joy!”¬† Nope.¬† She was miffed.¬†

Although, when I told her that I started picturing a buttless little lamb, as in a lamb with no butt, she agreed it was hilarious, and proceeded to start making hilarious buttless lamb jokes and cracking her own self up by the time we got home. 

So all was not lost.¬† Her soul was renewed.¬† Her faith in her mother revived.¬† She went to bed with¬†revived feelings¬†of a mother’s love, and visions of ¬†little buttless lambs in her head¬†to count¬† to sleep.

You’ll never be the same again, will you? ūüėČ

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Never a dull moment!

What a funny, funny day!

Avery and Martha had a bit too much energy this morning, so I sent them outside to play while Julia finished doing last minute things before we left for school. 

¬†A few minutes later, in comes a very wet and muddy Martha, who didn’t seem very happy at all.¬† I knew it was dewy outside today, but I just couldn’t imagine that rolling around could get her that wet.¬† I simply didn’t put too much thought into it.¬†¬† I really should have.

Julia puts on her sweater, goes into the garage and I hear, “Mommy!!¬† Avery has the hose and he’s washing your car in the garage!!”¬†

It was not one of my finest moments as I started yelling like a banshee to get out of the garage with the hose.¬† I also told him to never, ever set foot into the garage again with the hose, and not to ever use that again without permission.¬† Major angry voice was employed. ūüė¶

Poor kid.¬† He honestly thought he was doing me a favour, because I had literally just complained out loud about the dog’s stinky status, and he thought my car might as well get a little rinse while he was at it.¬† He had a pure heart.¬† But sadly he also possesses an innate ability to create monumental messes.

All this before 8:20 in the morning.  No wonder I feel pooped by the time bedtime rolls around!!

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The Third Wheel of Responsibility.

Ha!! Julia is making me chuckle today.

Anthony is taking Avery to the car show in Toronto today with all the “menfolk”. So, she’s been excited all week anticipating a day alone with me.

Then is dawns on her that it’s not just her and I. Someone is sabotaging her plans… THE DOGGIE!!! I’d already accepted the fact that only Anthony truly has the day off, that me & Julia still have the third wheel to deal with, but little Julia just realized it this morning.

Even after a pancake breakfast, she still had to go to her room to mourn. That girl is so dramatic, and it’s very hard to not just laugh!!!

But I am going to try and find someone to take the pooch out to pee in the afternoon so we can actually carry out our plans of skating at Niagara Falls and watching the Toothfairy in one fell sweep.

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Home sick.

Why is it that when you decide your child is just too ill, or too tired to go to school, that they muster up the energy to play full force, cause massive ruckass and general annoy¬† the pants off of you instead of actually laying around just being sick?¬† Murphy’s law is such a zinger!!¬†

This is a list of funny things Avery did today while home sick from school:

  1. Catagorize all of his hotwheels by colour, then type, then inspect each of them under a bright light to determine just how different the paint looks under new lighting.
  2. Fill the sink up with so many bubbles that the bubbles rose at least 2 feet above the level of the faucets. 
  3. Empty toothpaste and Q-tips into the toilet to see if it would make the toilet smell better. (??? I just cleaned it yesterday.¬† If it smells, it’s b/c he pees all over the crazy thing everytime he goes. ūüėČ )
  4. Paint with watercolours, then decorate his walls with his ‘abstract art’ as he called it.¬† He was like a little mad scientist artist while painting, it was quite hilarious actually.
  5. Finally ended up in the playroom watching a movie. 

This child clearly had enough energy to go to school.  Oh well, he entertained himself very well, and mostly stayed out of harms way. 

Clearly the best way to cure your child is to keep them home from school for the afternoon. ūüôā

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Another year older.

Phew, I survived another birthday party!

This year I wised up and decided to host Julia’s party at a Party place instead of my usual party extravaganza at home.¬† It was amazing!¬† So many climbers and slides, a party host who did everything for me.¬† Why have I not done this sooner?¬† In fact, the party host was so incredible, that I was actually feeling guily.¬† A party just isn’t a party until someone comes down with a healthy dose of guilt.

Of course, I just couldn’t leave¬†well enough alone, I had to inflict some kind of stress upon myself, so I decided to make a big, complicated cake to put my baking skills to the test.¬† While it didn’t turn out like the picture I was copying, it was enough to impress the pants of my 8 and 9 year old crowd!¬† So, 200 gumpaste leaves later, here is what I came up with…

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I am in awe of my kitchen¬†prowess¬†today!¬† I actually made homemade pasta, to go into Ree Drummond’s chicken and noodles recipe.¬†¬† At first, I was considering just going to the store and buying some noodles, but culinary curiosity got the better of me, and I ventured out into the world of noodle making!¬†

And I am so glad that I ventured out!¬† It was so exciting watching flour and eggs, and a smidge of water turn into the most silky, smooth, stretchy, pliable dough ever!¬† I will of course admit to using my Kitchenaid¬†stand mixer to take over some of the kneading, but a girl has to know her limits.¬† Hyper 5 year old¬† + a biting 11 week old puppy¬†+ kneading noodles don’t exactly go together without a few glitches.¬†

Know your limits, knead within it.

I was a bit¬†nervous¬†about just dumping the whole¬†lot of raw noodles into my chicken soup creation, for fear that they would just turn to goo, and mess up my whole meal.¬† So I started out safely by adding¬† just a few of the little marvels into my boiling broth.¬† Then it was just a wonder to behold!¬† They wiggled and poofed, swelling into the most perfect egg noodles I’d ever tasted!¬† They weren’t soggy, they were perfectly cooked and magnificently flavoured from soaking up the chicken broth!¬†

So miraculous were the little things, that my son was nearly late for kindy when he insisted on my boiling up of a few more noodles for him to devour.¬† And¬†devour he did!!¬† It’s no small feat to make a meal that my children will eat with gusto.¬† Those are some picky little eaters!

So, thank you Ree, for another marvelous recipe!

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I love how history has a way of repeating itself. 

Growing up we had a Basset Hound, Agnes.  She was one smelly hound dog, and we often called her Frito-Baby, referring to her oddly smelling corn-chip paws.

Well, my kids are snuggling on the couch this morning¬†with our Puppy Martha, and my daughter said loudly, “Martha, you stink!!”¬† My son then proceeded to actually smell her rear end and decided the stink wasn’t originating from that region of the dog.¬† I suggested her feet might me the stinky part, so they both lifted a sleepy paw and gave it a good whiff.¬†

My son then said, “She smells like chips!!”

Ah yes, corn chip puppy paws, how they bring  back so many memories.

The really funny part of this whole conversation was what my daughter said a moment later…

“Ahhh, now I want to eat some chips!!”¬†

Stinky corn chip doggie paws wouldn’t exactly get my taste buds flowing, but¬†whatever floats your boat!

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It pains me to be wrong.  I strive to make good choices at all times, but this time, I dare say that I stand corrected.

Anthony was right.¬† I was wrong…

The dog is way too much work!

Though I made stong promises about approaching raising the pooch with nary a grumpy word leaving my lips, I may have to eat those words today.  Ugh.

This pooch is kicking my butt!!!!¬† It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute when she occasionally decides to stop biting and attacking us during her waking hours!!

Lord help me, please!!

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Puppy 5, Baby 0

Since getting the puppy, I have been repeatedly told, “Having a puppy is like having a baby.¬† You’re going to be in for it!!”¬† Well, I’m not entirely sure that I agree with this analogy.¬† Let’s look at a few reasons why puppies are not nearly as much work as a baby, shall we? Remember, we’re not evaluating if a puppy is more valuable or special, we’re simply looking at the statement that claims a puppy is as much work as raising a baby.¬†

This puppy has been 100% house broken since the 4th day home.¬† Only 3 piddles in the house, and those were due to us mis-interpreting her need to go outside since she went to the patio door instead of the back door.¬† A baby?¬† Um, you’re looking at a good 3 years until you can make the claim that your child is truly house broken, and even then, you’re not fully out of the woods.¬† Puppy 1, Baby 0.

During her awake time, the puppy is funny, active, entertaining, and while she is a biting/chewing machine, she does keep my 5-year-old son highly entertained.¬† A baby?¬† I’m pretty sure if I’d brought home a baby, my son would be less than thrilled, and perhaps even jealous, invoking a slurry of bad behavior that could quite possibly throw me over the proverbial edge of sanity.¬† Puppy 2, Baby 0

Sleeping through the night.¬† Hmmm, if I recall correctly, there are very few babies that do this quickly, and those mom’s who have those oddly sleepy babies are the topic of¬†a bit of jealous ¬†‘gossip’ among¬†other sleepy mommies.¬† Those babies, as most of us can agree, are rare, and not the norm.¬† The puppy is on her 11th night with us, and she is almost totally crate trained.¬† Entering¬†the crate¬†without freaking out, a couple of whines, and she’s good to go.¬† Mind you, she does need to wake up to pee, but that is without much drama.¬† Carry her to the door, set her down, watch her run and pee, carry her back, shove her back in the crate and off to sleep we go.¬† No nursing, no diapers, no bottles, no crying, no spit up.¬† Easy peasy, lemon squeasy.¬†¬† Puppy 3, Baby 0

Feeding the puppy.¬† Again, this is infinitely easier than feeding a baby.¬† Regardless of which route you go, either bottle or¬†breast, feeding the baby requires so much more effort than feeding the puppy.¬†¬†The puppy¬†does it herself! ¬†She goes to the bowl, gobbles her food and goes on her merry biting way!¬† A Baby?¬† You aren’t escaping the first few weeks of¬†feedings without at least a bit of spit up, burping, possibly a diaper blow out and if you’re nursing, then all bets are off for an easy/quick/handsfree feeding.¬† You know how much more work that is for the first few weeks!¬† Sore, cracked nipples, bad latching, nursing sessions can be¬†very hard to cope with at times within the first week or two when you’re getting the hang of it.¬† I can’t recall one time in the last 2 weeks where I’ve had to prepare a bottle, sit and feed it, or get my boobies chomped on by the puppy.¬† So, again, we see: Puppy 4, Baby 0

Well, I think that covers the major issues here:  Bodily functions, sleeping, playing, and feeding.  I will whole-heartedly, and quite emphatically disagree with all of those people who keep comparing the raising of a puppy to the raising of a human baby.  Humans are clearly much more complex, they require much more effort and emotional connection, and the responsibility level is out of the ballpark when comparing the human experience to the puppy experience. 

Perhaps the people who keep claiming this have never raised a puppy?¬† Or they completely forgot how exhausted they were while raising¬† their own babies for the first few months?¬† I don’t know, but I’m sticking with my story ūüôā¬† The puppy is a breeze by all comparisons!

Bonus point for puppy:  You can shove the puppy in a crate and LEAVE THE HOUSE while the puppy sleeps!!!  Puppy 5, Baby 0!!

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